“I have been involved in several of the MCCP initiatives, which has been a very rewarding experience. I personally examine these children at the Reston facility and have seen first hand the benefit of such care. Just yesterday, I examined a young teen male of Arab descent, who has benefited immensely through the help of MCCP. His mother thanked me for a wonderful eye examination and further went on to explain her overall happiness with Kaiser doctors. Her son had hand surgery to straighten his fingers on his right hand. Her son was right handed and unable to write following a football injury to his right arm. Thanks to the orthopedic surgeon at Kaiser – he can now move his fingers and hand freely and is back to writing as usual. Interactions like these make you feel so wonderful to be a part of an organization that can change the lives of children and ultimately their families. As an eye care professional, I feel blessed to be able to help all my patients with their visual needs, especially these children.”

— Dr. Helene D. Clayton-Jeter, Optometrist, Kaiser Permanente“As a physician, I know that children need early and consistent access to healthcare services to learn and grow successfully. We’re proud that Permanente pediatricians and other physicians have been involved in this program since its inception.”

— Adrian Long, M.D.“These are the people who go to school with our kids. These parents are working three or four jobs, trying to do the best they can. You have to do something to help.”

— Tamra Salvatore, MD, Kaiser Permanente“This is a great program. As the need arises, we will do whatever needs to be done.”

— Anthony DiPaola, MD, Reston pediatrician and one of MCCP’s first physician recruits (Source: Physician’s Practice Digest, July 1“I feel very good working with these kids and seeing their progress. This program has given back to me much more than I’ve put into it. When I see kids who once depended on emergency room care just to survive now living healthy, productive lives and actually excelling…I feel like everyone wins—not just the kids, but the entire community, because these kids are the future.”

— Lawrence Kelly, M.D., Kaiser Permanente