MCCP Families

“It often isn’t easy to ask for help, talk about the fact that you don’t have very much money, and [MCCP] has always made me feel like it was no big deal, they were there to help me or get me in touch with the people that could help.”

— Jheri

“Sometimes I couldn’t get all the medicines the doctors prescribed. But now, [with MCCP], I can.”

— Nora

“My son went from missing half of the school year to perfect attendance. He’s shown tremendous improvement in school and is on the honor roll. Without MCCP, that never could have happened.”

— Pam

“Just knowing that if your kids are sick, you can take them to a doctor who will see them, give a diagnosis, and follow up 2 weeks later–it’s such an incredible amount of stress and worry off your mind.”

— Gail

“I am the mother of four MCCP children: 13-year old Andrea, 6-year old Jonathan, and infant twin boys. Having the support from MCCP means having healthy children who will grow up to be healthy adults; it means resting assured that we no longer have to delay seeking medical care for our children because it’s not in the budget to do so; it means that my son, Jonathan, who suffers from asthma, can get relief when he has an asthma attack; it means having a ‘new life.’ MCCP is a good friend to my family.”

— Maritza