All children in Fairfax County deserve the right to be healthy. Our kids all go to school together, play on our playgrounds together, and explore our parks and recreational facilities together. When all our children in Fairfax County are healthy, happy and thriving, we all benefit.

For some, access to healthcare, dental care and basic needs, like proper nutrition, aren’t a given. Some Fairfax County parents struggle to provide everything their families need, especially if they have no benefits or health insurance. Fortunately, we live in a county that understands the importance of public health and is committed to the well being of all.


Access for All

The MCCP Foundation has been serving and supporting children and families across the county for 40 years. 

A public/private partnership of the Fairfax County government, the foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all residents have access to the care, information, and resources they need to raise healthy families, regardless of circumstance.


Neighborhood Focused

With the county’s new focus on leveraging neighborhood resources, combined with better understanding of the many cultures that make up our different neighborhoods, we can be even more efficient and effective in our work. By working in a focused, inclusive, and caring way, we all benefit.Together we make our community diverse and special. Together we help our kids grow up strong. Together we make a difference in one another’s lives.