Information for Volunteers

Please support our efforts by donating your time and services.

Administrative Assistant

  • Audit preparation
    • Ensure payment requests/reimbursements are complete (ED signature, invoice, receipts)
    • Ensure deposits are complete (deposit receipt, thank you letter, copy of check)
  • Database
    • Work on transferring data to new system
    • Delete outdated contact information
    • Add new contacts

Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist will stay abreast of relevant news in both new and traditional media in order to maintain a high profile for MCCPF by responding as appropriate and becoming a resource for reporters and bloggers. The communications specialist will also assist in the development of print materials such as the annual report and brochure.

  • Research the use of social media in peer non-profits and report findings to the Executive Director and Operations Manager.
  • Develop an informal presentation to Executive Director and Ops Manager on the use of each social media tool (30 minutes per tool presentation) and how MCCP Foundation might use it better.
  • Maintain a presence for MCCPF in relevant blogs and tweets. Develop a presence for MCCP Foundation on Twitter and YouTube. Develop ideas for blogs and responses to peer organization bloggers.
  • Review traditional media regularly and prepare responses for ED.
  • Send out press releases and follow-up with reporters

Skills and Attitudes Required:

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of social media
  • Knowledge of marketing and communication techniques
  • Excellent command of grammar and syntax
  • High energy, creative, organized, with a good sense of humor

Event Specialist

  • Assist with development of invitation materials
  • Work with Communications Specialist on PR for events
  • Maintain guest lists
  • Prepare registration materials and other duties as assigned for fundraising events.
  • Do event follow-up – thank yous, etc.
  • Develop Young Professionals fundraising group
  • Develop Teenager fundraising group

Prospect Researcher

The Prospect Researcher conducts corporate, foundation, and individual research for possible supporters using online databases, in-house files, reference materials and other sources.

  • Use the Internet, databases, WBJ Book of Lists, Foundation Center files, etc. to identify sources of corporate, foundation, and individual support.
  • Search for potential supporters and media professionals in newspapers, journals, etc that may have an interest in MCCPF’s mission.
  • Synthesize information to create clear prospect profiles and media contacts.
  • Understand relevant documents such as IRS Form 990.

Grant Writer

  • Work with ED on grant writing.

Graphic Designer

  • Work on graphic design for event materials, annual report, brochure, etc.

Outreach Liaison

  • Research opportunities for speaking and exhibiting – chambers, Rotary, Lions, etc.
  • Speak and exhibit as agreed to with the ED

Technical Support Specialist

  • Assist with computer and BlackBerry issues
  • Maintain systems and back-up