Medical Home

The Medical Care for Children Partnership believes that every child deserves a medical home. MCCP has linked over 75,000 children with a medical home since its inception in 1986. Over 500 health care providers work in partnership with MCCP to provide medical homes for Fairfax County children. MCCP leverages the resources of the business community, civic organizations and health care providers to offer quality health care. Yet, our work is not done. Thousands of children in Fairfax County still do not have insurance. MCCP is committed to identifying the uninsured children and linking them to a medical home.

A medical home is not a building, but rather a team approach to providing comprehensive primary health care services in a high-quality and cost-effective manner. Together, families, health care professionals and community service providers identify and access all medical and non-medical services needed to help the child and family.

This care and attention is a basic building block for future success. Children who participate in our HMO program do better in school because they miss fewer days due to illness. They are more likely to receive prompt preventative care for chronic illnesses because parents pay nothing or a nominal co-pay for an office visit.

Families whose children do not have a medical home often find that the emergency room is the only option for care. These visits are expensive, and families must often sacrifice other necessities to pay for their children’s care. Participating in MCCP eases the financial burden on working families by affording them the opportunity to receive care at a physician’s office which averages $30 per visit as opposed to hospital emergency rooms which can cost $700 or more per visit.

Find out how you can help provide a medical home for Fairfax County children by donating, sponsoring special initiatives, or serving as a member of our advisory council.