The Hidden Fairfax

Fairfax County is one of the wealthiest areas in the country, but just a mile or two from where you live, there is The Hidden Fairfax.

Parents are working 2 – 3 jobs, and are struggling to provide the basic needs for their children. Often they have no benefits and no medical care for their families. No medical care means these children are often seen in medical crisis in an emergency room at a larger cost to the community and to the child.

Why should you care?

Because all children in Fairfax County deserve the right to be healthy. We all share the same schools, play on local sports teams together and on our playgrounds. It is to everyone’s benefit when all our children in Fairfax County are healthy, happy and thriving.

This issue won’t go away

Most of our children will not be helped by health care reform because of affordability and eligibility requirements. Parents will continue to struggle, often making the difficult choice to buy food or pay for a medical visit for their child.