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  • Helping to keep children healthy is not charity; it is an investment in our community's future.

    Our Unique Public/Private Partnership

    There are thousands of children in our community who can't see a doctor or dentist when they need to. We need to fix this!

    Fairfax County

    provides social work services and connects children to a medical and dental home. ...
    Are you a physician or dentist? Join our team and take care of even a few children pro bono.

    Physicians & Dentists

    Over 300 private physicians and dentists offer care for free or at reduced rates. ...
    MCCP has been keeping children healthy for 30 years now through the generosity of our community!

    Volunteers & Financial Supporters

    Corporations, foundations, faith-based and civic groups, and individuals donate their time and treasure so that our children get the care they need. ...

    Smiles by Myles Hosts Free Dental Event

    MCCP Foundation would like to extend a very special thank you to Smiles by Myles. In, October, Smiles by Myles hosted a free dental clinic. The clinic saw 58 patients (16 where ages 17 and 18), did a total of 31 cleanings, 15 extr . . . [Read More]

    How MCCP Foundation Helps Our Community

    MCCP Foundation helps our children through a very efficient public/private partnership model. We are the last “safety net.” MCCP takes children that do not qualify for any other public or private health insurance programs. For 30 years, MCCP has assured that these children have their own pediatricians and dentists, as well as specialists if needed.

    Through the generosity of Kaiser Permanente and over 300 private physicians and dentists, our children receive excellent care.

    Our Supporters

    Thank you to our corporate, foundation, and individual supporters who commit the time and the financial resources to provide Fairfax County’s children with essential health services.